Concept and structure development

If you’re not sure what format or structure your communication should take, I can advise you on the best ways to connect with your audience. I can also prepare comprehensive briefs for all components of a communications project, such as content, design, photography, production and delivery.


I can prepare content from scratch – using resources you identify, interviewing staff and stakeholders, working with SMEs or conducting the research myself. I write in the style and format required to connect with your audience.


I can edit your existing communications. Depending on your needs, this can include: 

  • structural editing to develop a logical and clear flow of information

  • copy editing for consistency in voice and style, readability and clarity, accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • editing to meet brand or corporate guidelines

 Plain English writing and editing

I can apply plain English principles to existing content or write new content that is clear and concise. I can express technical and specialist information in clear, reader-friendly styles and formats.


I write, edit and proof all types of communications, including:

·       Websites

·       Reports and papers

·       Factsheets

·       Brochures

·       News articles

·       Newsletters

·       Project profiles

·       Legacy books

·       Consumer guides

·       User guides

·       Professional resources 

·       Event collateral

·       Training courses and assessment activities

·       Product advertisements and marketing

·       Technical and compliance resources

·       Service and standards manuals

·       Podcast briefs

·       Video scripts

·       Media releases

·       Speeches

·       Job briefs for writers, designers, photographers, etc.